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A convenient way to trade anytime, anywhere through our Pesso Mobile App. An advanced, fast, secured, reliable & fully featured Trading App for investors that gives deeper analysis & better trading experience. Let’s take a glance at some of its features.


A trend is the general direction at which the stock is moving. On Account of whether the market is bullish or bearish, the trends moves upwards or downwards.

  • Keep Abreast of the market trends by having a look at the summary column provided in the whatchlist section.
  • Pick up your sector from the sort and filter section and analyse the trend.
  • As an investor, you must understand the sense behind the stock market trading trend in order to invest wisely.
  • The Summary will help you stay aware of the ongoing trends in the market just at one click.
trend watch



Get global stock market, currency indices, commodity indices, sector indices trading data all at one place.

  • With the help of sort and filter feature, browse according to your own convenience.
  • Get an all Indices at one place experience which is hassle free and easy to access.
  • Just a click on the bottom whatchlist section to indices will help you provide an all in one place experience.
  • All the current Indices are mentioned in a column form for easy accessibility.


Click on the bottom alerts section and get latest news in the market through our app.

  • Get News Alerts From SVCM securities. We'll send you latest news updates through the day.
  • You can manage them any time from your Alerts section.
  • Keep yourself updated on the latest news tending in the stock market with our help.
  • News Alerts will help you get better insights into the movements and stability of the stocks.
alerts and news


real-time charts

Staying up-to-date on the market is essential for every investor, and SVCM securities helps you view real time charts to get better insights.

  • Real-time charts provide updated information on reversion points that allow traders to monitor moves or directions in a stock's price.
  • Real time data chart will help you to have better understanding of stock investment and guide you throughout.
  • It helps one determine Price of a stock at that very moment in time.
  • Good Consumer experience is the ultimate goal SVCM securities look at providing.


Hassle free management of your funds according to your own convenience by knowing your actual available margin of funds in the account. Create an account and have access to manage your funds on your own.

fund management

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